Me:I live on a Cattle ranch in the Sanhills of Nebraska, I train horses, cattle dogs, and I like to play violin and tin whistle. I also love traditional archery, throwing knives, and virtually all medieval weapons like swords and such. My favorite being the Bo Staff. 


so true

On the Ranch: we’re in the middle of haying season right now. My job in the hayfield is to run a roll-bar rake in front of my dad driving a small square baler. Sometimes I drive our self-propelled baler while my dad drives another pull-behind small square baler at night when we need to get it done quickly. We bale at night because that way you get better quality bales, and it’s easier on us and the machines to not have to do it in the heat of the day. 

My main job though, is keeping an eye on the cattle, tanks, and mineral out in the pasture. Most of our tanks out there are bottomless solar tanks, so you have to keep a close eye on them. I make sure that none of the tanks have any leaks, and that the solar panels are working like they should.  If it is too cloudy for very long then we have to either bring the cattle to the feedlot, or to an electric tank for water. Luckily we’ve only had to do that once in three years. 

The biggest job out there though is when I push them from place to place. If I don’t move them everyday then they would hang around the water all day, chewing the grass down to the roots, thus creating a blow-out. So I push the to a different spot in the mornings, and then go back out in the late afternoon/eavening and do it again. When the cattle are out of mineral I sometimes use a pack-pony to take more out too.